General info, Dates and Timings
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1. General info, Dates and Timings


Thanks for your interest in TWHC.

The 2023/2024 junior hockey season will run from the 3rd September 2023 finishing on Sunday 24th March 2024 with breaks taken over Christmas & New Year plus half-terms.

All the information that you need is below:


Following the instructions below please initially join the club on Pitchero and select the correct age group for your child (see the training list below for guidance). The membership team will then process your application.

Children are welcome along for taster sessions but please still follow the instructions below to add them to Pitchero and contact TWHC through the Pitchero system.

Go to the TWHC website main page and click on 'Join this Club'
You need to join as a parent first, with your name and your own details; and then, under 'roles' 'Parent' you can add your children - join them to the correct age group.

Once your application has been processed, you can log back in to add their full details - e.g. date of birth (note the formatting carefully). To do this go to 'my account' again and look for the child's name in red at the top; click to open the info page; save when done.

All junior communication is via Pitchero so you must complete all of the required fields to ensure that you then receive messages and notifications.


Training takes place on Sunday mornings at two main locations (times and locations can vary from time to time).

Here is an overview of where the groups are normally located for training:

Tonbridge School – Tonbridge School Sports Centre – Hildenborough Road, Tonbridge, Kent. TN10 3AD

Mixed U8's (up to school year 3) – 9.30am start on the Thomas’ pitch

U9, U10, U11 & U12 Boys (school years 4, 5, 6 & 7) – 9.15am start on the Foundation pitch

U9 Girls (school year 4 ) – 9.30am start on the Rowan’s pitch

U10 Girls (school year 5) – 10.30am start on the Rowan’s pitch

U11 Girls (school year 6) – 11.45am start on the Rowan’s pitch

U12 Girls (school year 7) – 10.30am start on the Foundation pitch

U13 & U14 Boys (school years 8 & 9) – 11.45am start on the Foundation pitch

Specialist Junior GK Training – (all school year groups up to year 11) takes place in the Foundation pitch cage at Tonbridge School

Kent College – Old Church Road, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. TN2 4AX

U13 & U14 Girls (school years 8 & 9) – 10.00am start

U15/16 Girls (school years 10 & 11) - 11.30am start

There are regular matches and tournaments throughout the season.


The club has a thriving junior section – with more than 25 teams, and we have the ClubMark Accreditation from England Hockey, which recognises the quality and depth of the club, especially at the junior level.

Parental consent can be given as part of the Parent/Player registration process

Junior kit orders are now handled by S Simmonds & Co. To order junior kit please go to Simmonds TWHC Kit Shop
Kit available: Shirts, hoodies, socks, girls' skorts, boys' shorts

We also have a small selection of girls skorts available from our stock and some bobble hats. To order go to:
Go to TWHC Kit Store

We will also try to organise a second hand kit shop for the first few weeks of the season, so second hand hoodies and shirts will be welcome. Speak to Alec.


  • Mouthguard
  • Shin pads
  • Hockey stick (the club does have a supply available for taster sessions)
  • Sports clothing to cater for the weather (in winter waterproof jackets, warm skin layers and gloves)