Introduction to TW Flyerz
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1. Introduction to TW Flyerz

TW Flyerz provides hockey for those of all ages with physical or learning difficulties or disabilities and is part of England Hockey and Access Sport's national Flyerz programme.

Started in the Autumn of 2017 (and the first Kent club to do so), TW Flyerz runs regular free sessions for participants and details of our sessions can be found on our Flyerz team page as well as a video showcasing what Flyerz is all about.

We are also very pleased to have been able to work since then with other clubs in county and more widely to encourage and help them to set up their own Flyerz sections, working closely with Access Sport as part of their programme to expand Flyerz to another 50 clubs nationwide by 2021.

Hockey is a sport that's easily adapted to different ability levels, so there’s huge potential for hockey to become one of the leaders in disability inclusion. England Hockey wants more disabled children, young people and adults to have access to our sport. TWHC through TW Flyerz is committed to delivering this to our local community and to helping to promote and grow this more widely across the country.

Our doors are open to all... come and have a go or just see what it is all about!