24 Summer All Stars
Thu 20 Jun 2024
Tunbridge Wells Hockey Club
24 Summer All Stars
Sevenoaks HC - Ladies ONLY
A Game of 2 Halves

A Game of 2 Halves

Kira Boulton20 Jun - 21:59
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Thanks as always to the umpires - Ben Milner for TW. Lets have some junior volunteers please.

This was a tough game for our youngsters to experience and they did themselves proud. They went toe to toe with Sevenoaks, a team of which consisted of great experience (including national champions level experience). Jo (thankyou), went as captain on the pitch for me, leading by example as always and steering the girls to where they should be. A few of the girls had the fun summer experience of playing out of their normal position like Lily, well done. We found ourselves 3-0 down in the first half though and sadly only 1 sub in the summer games, makes it hard thirsty work. After a small half time talk, the plan was, just to try and improve on 2 main issues.
Well, the first half and the second half were like night and day. They all pulled their big girl pants up and started to defend in the circle, showed no more nerves and pressed Sevenoaks when they had the ball, pushing them back. This started to produce much better results, with us several times, getting into the attacking circle. There was more positive passing and belief. Lucie made some fabulous saves and kept our hopes alive of a clean sheet in the second half. It wasn't to be though, they scored with some very well rehearsed attacks. Now 4-0 down but also where it finished.
Girls, it is always nice to win but the score wasn't important tonight. Be pleased, with how quickly you learnt and put into practice what we were asking. Your play was vastly different in 35minutes. So keep putting yourselves down for some more fun summer hockey experience. Then when September comes, the opposition won't know what's hit them.

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Thu 20 Jun 2024



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This is the first Ladies ONLY Match of the summer.
This would be a great level for any non academy player to join in and have a go.
Colours: Red tops and socks
Umpire: Ben.Milner
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