Tunbridge Wells Hockey Club committe has approved the use of Teamstuff and all mens teams and players are now going to be using it. It really works best when everyone is on board. 

Please click here for full documentation.



Q.  How can I let my captain know I may be a bit late through Teamstuff?

A.  We've all been in this position before - you can make the game, but you might be 5 minutes late. Or you're coming back from injury, and would prefer half a game. 

Well - that's where attendance comments come in. The idea is that you can set a small comment for each game - and your coach/manager will see that comment when they look at who's coming or not coming. Note that everyone in the team can see the comment - in the same way that they can see if you're coming or not coming. 

Adding  a comment
To add a comment - look for the little icon by the coming / not coming icon for the game. For example - if I wanted to add a comment for my son 'Little Coach' on a game - I'm looking for the little blue icon below on the right.

You'll then get the ability to add your comment to your attendance status. Make it small - it's not an essay!

What the Coach / Manager Will See


In the screen shot above - the coach / manager will see the comment listed against your entry. In this case - it's pretty clear that you're coming - but might be a little late.

Note that the attendance comments are visible across the platform - mobile and web - and are visible to the entire team. 



Q. If you say you ARE available for a game then you are PLAYING. But, some weeks, we might very well have more than the required number saying they are available! How do I inform them and the teamsheet WHO is actually playing?

A. The best way to do this is to Roster Off any one who you do not need i.e. available - no game, or perhaps listed in your squad but playing for a different team this week.  Once you Roster a player off, they will be sent a notification.

The team sheet that is posted on the website will only show who is required as it is manually updated after selection has been done.

The pictures below show where you go to do this...use the blue pencil icon to edit...