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TWHC welcomes new members at any time during the year. We have a healthy summer league and friendly match programmes, as well as the more 'formal' winter league programme. If you're a prospective new member then please phone or email the relevant contacts below and complete a senior or junior membership form as appropriate. You are welcome to come along to a couple of ‘taster’ training sessions before committing to membership.

To find out more, come along to a training session to have a go or, if the information below doesn't answer your questions, please contact:

Please note we treat 16 and 17 year old members (as at 1st Sept 2017) as seniors and they should contact the appropriate Club Captain. However, for child protection purposes, they are still counted as juniors and will be required to complete a junior membership form (which includes parental consent).

The playing fees cover most weekend hockey, coaching and training during the normal season, September to April.  Other hockey may attract a league, festival or tournament fee and/or a match fee.  Such hockey includes summer hockey, midweek leagues and tournaments or festivals.

Below is information on the various membership categories for the 2017/18 season, both for new and renewing members. If you have any questions about membership categories or payments then please contact our Senior Membership Secretary, Alec Pelmore (01732 850 739).


About membership
Individual membership
Family membership
Non-Playing or Social membership
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Ways to pay
Introduce a new player and get discounted subs!


About membership

All of our membership fees are all-inclusive and that means NO additional weekly match fee is payable for ordinary league matches and mid-week training. However, matches outside the main league season and indoor hockey are not included.

All fees are due by 1st September and must be paid in full or standing orders activated before 30th September.


Individual membership

Junior membership application form
Senior membership application form

All fees below are all-inclusive. Figures are the monthly amount payable over 6 months by standing order when the first such payment is made before 30th September 2016.


  • Full Adult (30 years of age and older): £63 per month for 6 months - total £378
  • Under 30 years at 1st Sep 2017: £52 per month for 6 months - total £312
  • Under 27 years at 1st Sep 2017: £47 per month for 6 months - total £282
  • Under 25 years at 1st Sep 2017: £42 per month for 6 months - total £252
  • Under 23 years at 1st Sep 2017: £31 per month for 6 months - total £186
  • Under 21 years at 1st Sep 2017: £28 per month for 6 months - total £168
  • If you are under 18 you are considered a Junior for membership purposes, even if you are 16 or 17 and playing Senior hockey - annual fee £168
  • University/Student in full time further education living away (ie not playing regularly): £11 (those living in the area and playing regularly get the U21 rate)
  • Mature full time students can qualify for the U21 rate
  • Over 65 years at 1st Sep 2017: £41 per month for 6 months - total £246

Fees cover matches from September to the end of March and midweek training (including pre-season). They do not cover EH Cup, Kent Cup or summer matches where match fees will be charged to cover pitch hire.

EARLY BIRD PRIZE DRAW! Pay your full fee by the 30th September 2017 and we'll enter you into a draw to win a £100 discount on your memberhip fee! Just tick the box on your membership form to be entered into the draw. Those paying by instalments will not be eligible for the early bird prize draw.

Special Discounts. If you are new to the club then you will receive a reduced membership fee in your first year at the club. Contact our Senior Membership Secretary to find out about the new joiner rates. We also offer discounts to qualified coaches who help with coaching juniors on Sunday mornings; and special rates for new members who initially just want to come to mid-week training..


  • Under 18 years at 1st Sep 2017: £168 (Saturdays only)
  • Under 16 years at 1st Sep 2017: £210 (Saturdays with senior teams and Sundays with juniors)
  • Under 16 years at 1st Sep 2017: £150 (Sundays only)
  • Under 14 years at 1st Sep 2017: £150
  • Under 12 years at 1st Sep 2017: £115
  • Under 10 years at 1st Sep 2017: £105
    Under 8 years at 1st Sept 2017: £99

Junior fees include all Junior training sessions and matches from September to April.

Senior Goalkeepers

Senior goalkeepers pay half the subscription of their age group. This recognises that they may be buying and using their own kit and that they can use the resulting discount to defray any kit expenses, although they can still use club kit if necessary.

Family Membership

Where a Senior playing adult is paying full fees then any children under the age of 18 will only pay 50% of the Junior fees shown above.

Please note that we will need you to complete a senior membership form and also a junior membership form for each of the children included in your family membership.


Non-playing and social membership

Non-playing and social membership is available for those non-playing parents, friends, non-playing coaches and junior managers/coaches as well as our former playing members.  Social members are entitled to admission to the club ground and premises and all the privileges of membership except the playing of hockey and right to vote at the AGM.

  • Non-Playing Members: £11
  • Social Members: £11

Please send your payment together with a completed membership form (senior or junior) to the Membership Secretary.

Ways to pay

  • Standing order - the subs marked with an '*' can be paid over six months by standing order.  This should be set up to pay monthly from September to February (first payment needs to be arranged to be paid in September 2017). 
  • Cheque - these should be made payable to TWHC. Cheques can be accepted for annual payment or post dated for monthly payment if all cheques are received before the 30th September, the first cheque dated for September, the last for February.
  • Bank transfer - the full amount can be transferred into the club account. To get the details of the club account please email the Senior Membership Secretary

We are particularly grateful to the many members who greatly help both our cash flow and our membership administration by settling in full at the outset of each season.


Introduce a new player and get discounted subs!

Any current club member who introduces a new player in the age range 18 years and over to under 35, who is not previously known to the club (ie. not recorded on any TWHC membership database) and who subsequently pays a full (not discounted) subscription for their relevant playing category, will receive a £50 discount on their own subscription for each new member introduced, up to the value of their full subscription.