Junior Coaches

We are fortunate to have a team of nearly 50 coaches/managers/helpers and encourage our older juniors to pass on their skills to younger players, often as part of their Duke of Edinburgh programmes. We have 7 level 2 coaches and 13 level 1 coaches in the team.

Coordinators (Alec Pelmore and Lou Bateman) with Kate Fry who helps with 'front of house'

U14 Boys Coaches - Hattie Montgomery, Oli Woodcock, Martin Lord and Saeed Malik (who is also Child Welfare Officer)


U12 Girls Coaching team - led by James (Binky) Bailey (far left) and Andrew Jenner

U10/9/8/7 Mixed Coaching team

Goalies Academy in action with Steve Briton


Drill Videos

We have assembled below a collection of videos of training drills and skills. The intention is to give ideas for coaches; and a guide for players of what might be expected from drills. The value of many of these drill lies in repetition - lots of stick on ball practice - and on doing them at speed and intensity ... as though you were doing it in a match. Most of these drills, even the basic ones, are done by every 1st XI in the country ... again and again.

Thanks to Pete Turner and Chris & Mikey Pelmore for input to these demonstrations

Skills - a syllabus

These videos demonstrate the basic skills which players should be aiming to master; and which they should continue to practise as they get older.

Basic Skills Required going into U13/14 - demonstration with coaching points

Intermediate skills  - to learn at U13/14, demonstration with coaching points
    (but no reason why they cannot be tried at U12

Skills - How to

Defending 1 - positioning; 2 metres away, stick on ground, left foot in front of right

Defending 2 -alignment (ball/body/goal); jab tackles

Hitting - in more detail for beginners

Slap or sweep hits

Reverse Hits - for shooting, not for passing


Receiving bouncing balls and Aerials

Short Corners - Injection

Short Corners - Stick Stops

Simple Drills for basic skills

Warm-up stick skills

Left hand and right hand only

Relays - Basic with lots of variations

Relays - more simple variations

Open Stick Slalom

Footwork Drill

Rushing the Square - running with and controlling the ball at speed

Simple Strategy Drills

Attacking from the byeline

More advanced skill drills

Relays - Intermediate

Open Stick travel with short drags

First touch - receiving late

V-Drags left and right

Reverse turn and rollout

Posting up

Strategy Drills

2 vs 1 - getting ahead

1 vs 1 with turnover  - reaction after an attack breaks down is important

Playing Strategies - What should you be doing on the pitch?

Defensive pivots - The back four hold the ball waiting for the forwards to create an opening. Forwards need to watch this as well.