Club Colours

Club colours are given out at the end of every season for services to the club. They are awarded to people that have gone above and beyond the norm, either by doing something particularly special as a one off, or over a long time have given significant service to the club. They can be earned for work on or off a hockey pitch. The current list of Club Colours holders is as follows


Jane Page

Chris Page

Debbie Garner

Rob Whittle

Kelly Maywood

James Wattenbach

Lisa Boldrini

Alec Pelmore

Louise Bateman

Saeed Malik

Tracy Boorman

Charlie Nyren

Vince Holden

Robert Lancaster

Grant Hunt

Di Dunmall

Joanthan Taylor

Neil Ghosley

Chris Stebbing

Nick Jordan 

Will Graystone

James Bailey 

Dick Turpin

Oliver Woodcock

Jen Hunt

Janet Whitaker

Jennie Bowler

Chris Poth

Nick Ivory

Carolyn Pollard

James Barber

Jamie Crawford

Noel Page

Will Reynolds

David Robertson

Roger Fitzwater